‘The Lincoln Project’ Launches Fight Against Trump 2024 Campaign


Donald Trump is back. And The Lincoln Project is right here ready to take on the “angry, vengeful” ex-president. The latest video points out how there really is no room for the man who wants to “wreck America again.”

Then, the question becomes once again:

‘Who’s going to stop him?’

Certainly not the Republican “weaklings and losers.” Nor the business leaders. No, they will just “bend a knee and write the checks.’

So what about the press? Surely, as the fourth leg of America, they will call 45 and potentially 47 out to task. No, The Lincoln Project points out the uncomfortable truth. Much of the press is just “here for the show.”

That leaves the Americans. We can place country over party, as the midterm elections proved. The people can “put differences aside.” We the people can fight for our democracy. Because we know that the American experiment has always been about more than class, skin color, and social standing.

This is the stark truth:

‘The choice is simple. It’s America or Trump.’

Check out The Lincoln Project’s latest video as it stands in absolute relief and prepares us for the ongoing battle:

‘Donald Trump is back. He wasn’t only the worst President in American history; he’s the most destructive towards the American Republic and its ideals of free and fair democratic elections. We’ve been waiting for him, and we’re ready to fight.’

The people took back America in 2022. The GOP underestimated us in the midterms. We can save our democracy once again.

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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