Facebook To Uphold Ban On Trump Ahead Of 2024


Facebook isn’t letting Donald Trump back on its platform — for now — no matter the recent confirmation of his 2024 campaign for president.

Trump’s suspension, which is set for reconsideration in January (and was already on that timetable before Donald finally confirmed his renewed presidential ambitions), was originally imposed after last year’s deadly riot at the Capitol that was driven by his lies about the integrity of the 2020 election. He was also booted from Twitter, which he more prominently used before the D.C. violence, and despite the recent takeover of the company by right-wing billionaire Elon Musk, Trump so far hasn’t been let back on that platform either. A so-called content moderation council is evidently reviewing the situation. At Facebook, the company confirmed the continuation of Trump’s suspension from the platform, per the Associated Press. Facebook’s parent company is called Meta.

Although the ex-president now has his own social media site known as Truth Social, he had tens of millions of more followers on Twitter, and the litigation he previously filed over his social media suspensions after the Capitol riot seems to confirm the predictable level of outrage he actually harbors about the situation. The Trump-branded parent company behind Truth Social has been mired in business issues, centering on a planned merger with a so-called blank check company that would take the Trump firm public but has yet to actually go through. Those involved were apparently waiting for further go-aheads from the government — although the deal is also under multiple investigations for potentially illegal negotiations over it before the blank-check company, known as Digital World Acquisition Corp., went public late last year.

Trump supporters have been among those investing in the struggling firm, where stock prices have steadily declined amid some of the more recent chaos following an initially promising burst in value that followed the announcement of the merger plans.

Although Trump can’t personally use Facebook, the platform will now be apparently excluding him from the site’s native fact-checking program because of his status as a candidate. Presumably, the idea is to evade the appearance of political meddling. Did they learn nothing? He’ll push these allowances just about as far as humanly possible. There’s no long-standing precedent of reasonable dialogue with this guy. He often sounds about three rhetorical steps away from claiming aliens are in cahoots with Biden to turn Florida into an island and force all Republicans there with mail-in ballots turned into guns.