First GA Runoff Election Poll Shows Great News For Democrats


Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock is ahead of GOP challenger Herschel Walker, who has Trump’s support, in the first poll of the Georgia Senate race for the upcoming runoff election.

Election Day in the Senate runoff is December 6. It constitutes an additional round of voting after no candidate passed 50 percent in the original results from earlier this month. Under Georgia’s runoff rules, only the top two finishers from the original results proceed to the runoff, so there is nobody on the ballot besides Warnock and Walker — and somebody mathematically has to hit the needed level. Conducted by a bipartisan team for AARP, the new runoff survey found Warnock at 51 percent of the overall support and Walker — who is sticking with “culture war”-styled messaging heading into the second election — at just 47 percent. Warnock already obtained more votes overall in the first round, so he is in a seemingly positive position heading into the next election. In the polling, Warnock is ahead by double digits among younger voters up to the age of 49, while those 50 and up support Walker.

Walker’s leads with older voters aren’t as large as Warnock’s lead with younger Georgians. AARP also notes that Warnock had a commanding lead among Black voters who were 50 years of age and older, demolishing Walker by a margin of 83 percentage points. Walker has faced criticism for issues including the many lies he has seemingly told, from his overstated characterization of his supposed involvement with law enforcement to what he called his military career that in reality is just speaking engagements and his claims to have owned the biggest upholstery company in the United States and largest minority-owned food company in the country — neither of which were true. It’s not even clear how much he was involved at all in the textiles business. He claimed to have hundreds working for him in the field at a point when two options for the business to which he was trying to refer were already defunct. There are no indications he was even involved in the founding or primary ownership of either company.

Image: Delta News/ Creative Commons