Obama Issues Cheerful Thanksgiving Message For Red & Blue America


The contrast between what Democrats have to offer in terms of actual governance and whatever Republicans are doing was once again clear this Thanksgiving.

“Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving!” former President Barack Obama posted on Twitter early this Thanksgiving morning. “As we celebrate, let’s give thanks for all the blessings in our lives and give back when we can. We’re also thinking of the brave men and women serving our country far from their home.” President Joe Biden also relatively consistently calls his listeners’ attention to those serving in the military. And what’s Trump doing this week? Well, as of about 11 o’clock on the East Coast his most recent post on Truth Social (where he’s remaining for now despite his account going back up on Twitter under its infamous new management) was a complaint about the special counsel recently picked to lead a pair of investigations touching the ex-president, including the unfolding probe into Trump’s handling of classified docs taken from his administration.

An appeals court might be gearing up to shut down the review by a court-appointed expert known as a special master of items seized from the ex-president’s southern Florida resort Mar-a-Lago back in August. The review threatens to further slow down the overall investigation, which doesn’t only deal with Trump’s potential criminal liability but also concerns the potential national security ramifications of the mishandling of the eventually recovered docs. Although only unclassified materials remain subject to the special master’s review, these items could provide important context clues for the handling of the other items that were ID’ed as classified. And on top of all of this, the most relevant signifier is no doubt election results. Across the country, Democrats did better than expected, and Trump’s handpicked candidates lost in swing states, including Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, helping Democrats secure key control ahead of the 2024 election and the process of dealing with however its results turn out.