Liz Cheney Rips GOP Colleagues For Appeasing White Supremacists


At Mar-a-Lago this week, former President Donald Trump had dinner with the rapper Ye — better known by his originally given name Kanye West, which he legally changed — and Nick Fuentes, an avowed white supremacist who spreads explicitly stated racism and conspiracy theories like denial of the reality of the Holocaust.

“First, @RepMTG and now, @realDonaldTrump hanging around with this anti-Semitic, pro-Putin, white supremacist. This isn’t complicated. It’s indefensible,” Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said on Twitter this Friday as concern mounted.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has past ties to Fuentes, having spoke at a conference with which he was involved earlier this year. That event was the America First Political Action Conference and was designed as a sort of counter-programming to one of the latest installments of the Conservative Political Action Conference, which was happening around the same time in the same area (Orlando, Florida). Greene predictably refused to take much responsibility for showing up at a conference put on by someone who proudly pushes racism and anti-Semitism among other ills, where she spoke shortly before someone told attendees that “Western white culture is the majority culture, to which even non-whites assimilate into today — and they’re better off for it.” Fuentes, who was on the ground in D.C. during the Capitol riot last year but hasn’t been charged with any crimes despite seeing some followers criminally charged, treads the same rhetorical ground.

Trump was also predictably defensive about Fuentes showing up at his resort for dinner. Available details indicate that Fuentes appeared as a guest of Ye’s, who himself has also been prominently mired in controversy for endorsing anti-Semitism. It’s difficult to see any recent news about the rap artist while missing any mention of his anti-Semitic views, so the idea that Donald was somehow unaware of the destructive stances held by the group with which he was meeting is far-fetched at best — and basically just ridiculous. Trump himself has pushed what’s basically just anti-Semitism, recently writing on his alternative social media platform Truth Social that American Jews should “get their act together” and be as appreciative of what he’s supposedly done for Jews as those who live in Israel. Jews in the U.S. are obviously not somehow broadly harboring “disloyal” feelings towards Trump and the governmental processes with which he has associated himself. That’s just anti-Semitism. It remains uncomplicated.