AZ GOP Election Fraud Lies Fully Debunked By State Voting Officials


After another round of elections, officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, are once again facing anger from the far-right — led in part by failed candidate for governor Kari Lake — about the handling of the local process.

Predictably, Trump is onboard with rampaging against the elections recently held in the county, although — as after 2020’s elections — local leaders are moving ahead with the post-election process anyway, while recounts and further litigation still loom. On Monday, the county board in Maricopa County officially finalized its canvass of the local election results, sending the figures for further certification by officials at the state level. (In Arizona, the county board in one locale — Cochise County — refused to sign off on the results¬†and dispatch the figures to the state, and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has filed a lawsuit seeking to compel the results’ certification.) Meanwhile, officials in Maricopa County are also directly dispelling misrepresentations of the county’s recent elections.

A conservative Twitter user named Chuck Callesto claimed in a post that Maricopa County officials said “over 540,000 VOTERS” stopped by a polling place in the county on Election Day, despite the county also reporting only 248,000 Election Day votes. The implication is that large numbers of voters were somehow disenfranchised, either through their ballots being somehow lost or the equipment issues at some polling locations supposedly leaving some residents unable to cast a ballot. In reality, the county replied that the total number of people stopping by a polling place on Election Day included hundreds of thousands dropping off ballots that were obtained early, meaning that yet again there’s just no “there” there when it comes to these conspiracy theories about the election.

“A recent @maricopavote report noted that ~540K people visited Vote Centers on Election Day,” the county posted Monday. “To clarify for anyone confused, like in the tweet shown below, these Vote Center visits include ~290K early ballots dropped off on Election Day and ~250K in-person election day votes.”

During the proceedings Monday in which the board finalized its canvass of the results, there was an opportunity for public comment — and things got heated. “All your dealings are crooked,” one of those who showed up told the board. “Tear out the teeth of these young lions, Lord.” She appeared to be reading from a Bible, sharing a passage that also promised the “slaughter” of “wicked men.” Another woman also threatened¬†death. “Interference in an election in the United States of America is a capital offense,” she said, addressing the county board chairman — who in the days before the proceedings promised things wouldn’t be derailed by “delays or games.” Some of those involved in the push-back against the midterms have demanded new elections be held.