‘The Lincoln Project’ Trashes Trump’s Call To Overthrow The Constitution


The Lincoln Project pointed out in one of its latest videos that Donald Trump said it was “important to support our Constitution and protect our Constitution” on January 6, 2021. That was just before he launched tens of thousands of his followers at the U.S. Capitol Building in an effort to overthrow American democracy and claim it for himself.

Now, Trump has been trying a different tactic. He called for the “termination of our Constitution” as a means to overturning the 2020 election:

‘Donald Trump wants to suspend the U.S. Constitution.’

The Lincoln Project pointed out that our Constitution is the “bedrock of American democracy.” And without it, America as we know it, would not exist, because the Constitution is the “centerpiece of American democracy:”

‘Donald Trump wants to suspend the U.S. Constitution.’

Pundits have called Trump “wrong, crazy, and dangerous.” Certainly, the previous president has been expressing his “hostility to the American way of life and democracy.” Alas:

‘Republicans will still support him.’

The Lincoln Project pointed out with a sly grin that:

‘Trump wants to toss the Constitution like it’s a bottle of ketchup.’

And even so, the Republicans refused to stand up to the previous POTUS.

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