Trump Approval Polling Drops Like A Rock Amongst Wave Of Scandals


Donald Trump fell like a rock under Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the latest catastrophic “hypothetical” 2024 race for the Republican presidential candidate. The ex-president was 11 points down in the nationwide Yahoo News-YouGov Poll among registered voters who voted in their states’ 2016 Republican primary or caucus.

And among Americans of voting age, Trump still fell a disastrous five percentage points. DeSantis took 47 percent of the votes while 42 percent went for Trump. That was a significant change from the same poll taken in the middle of October.

At that time, the ex-president led DeSantis by nine points giving the previous POTUS 45 percent of the vote versus the governor’s 36 percent.

Barely beyond the midterm elections, Trump announced a third attempt to win the White House. The timing was not good. Many of the ex-president’s endorsed candidates had just lost their races.

Conversely, DeSantis easily slid into a midterm win. The governor has not announced any plans to run for president, but pundits have him high on their lists of candidates.

The Yahoo News-YouGov Poll saw the former POTUS drop as proof that a number of Republicans have left Trump’s village and have been seeking a fresher, younger leader.

Forty-nine percent of the October GOP voters indicated in the poll that they wanted Trump nominated versus “someone else.” However, in December only 41 percent wanted the former president. Compare that to the “someone else” bumping up six percentage points.

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The poll was held from December 1 through 5 inclusive among 1,653 Americans of voting age. The margin of error was +/- 2.6 percentage points, which is more accurate than many polls.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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