New York Court Held Donald Trump In Contempt Over Subpoena Refusal


The Manhattan district attorney (DA) has been criticized for not holding the previous POTUS to the same standard of law as the rest of America. But unbeknownst to people, the DA’s office asked that Trump be hit with the full force of U.S. law in a secret trial.

The Trump Organization received a $4,000 fine for failure to provide documents to the court. Investigators found that neither Trump nor his business wanted to “delegitimize” the requested documents, CNN reported. The secret trial ended with The Trump Organization “being held in contempt of court:” according to The New York Times:

‘[Trump was] willfully disobeying four grand jury subpoenas and three court orders.’

The former president has seemed unusually loathe to hand over documents that did not belong to him. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has been investigating Trump for squirreling away classified documents and gifts. But in essence, the former White House resident claimed, “Mine!”

Trump often carried in a box of secret documents onto his airplane and sifted through them for hours. Trump’s attempts to secure the thousands of documents the FBI found at the former president’s residence and club Mar-a-Lago has delayed events. In the end, a Trump-appointed judge decided on “dismissing a lawsuit brought by his team.”

Now the House Oversight Committee has asked the National Archive, which takes custody of all presidential documents, letters, and gifts, to investigate one of Trump’s storage units and other properties 45 owns as well. Two classified documents were found in storage. The new Special Counsel Jack Black wanted to dig deeper to find not only additional documents but even presidential gifts that rightly go to the archives, The Independent wrote.

Screen-Shot-2022-12-14-at-9.25.26-AM New York Court Held Donald Trump In Contempt Over Subpoena Refusal Crime Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories The January 6 Select Committee Chair, Representative Bennie Thompson, said it will hand out its final report on December 21, 2022. The Select Committee will also turn over all of its findings to the public at that time. AG Merrick Garland has been requesting them, but Thompson held them firmly to his breast until now.

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So Trump has been working overtime to undermine the entire investigation. As always he blamed others for his own failings. The ex-president lied, blaming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for the Capitol Building being open to attack on January 6, 2021. Indeed, Donald Trump claimed the Democrats “wanted” the bloody, failed coup.

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