New GOP Legislator Arrested After Stealing Drugs From Retirement Complex


Daniel Rampey, a Republican who was recently elected to the Georgia state House representing much of Barrow County, which is in the state’s north in the Athens area, was arrested on a dozen and a half charges after he stole what were apparently at least partly prescription narcotics from a villa on the grounds of a retirement complex he helps lead.

According to the Associated Press, his charges include six counts of obtaining drugs by misrepresentation or theft, six counts of exploiting an elder or disabled adult, five counts of burglary, and one count of drug possession, and he was released from custody following his arrest after he posted bail. Rampey won the general election without any opposition, and he also easily won the earlier GOP primary to replace the retiring incumbent, who is also a Republican. Rampey and his family own a chain of care facilities in the area, and his career also includes a past stint as chair of the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce. The theft and Rampey’s arrest took place at a complex known as Magnolia Estates of Winder.

Although reporting from the AP and a publication in the Athens area on the situation doesn’t provide much if anything about a potential victim of Rampey’s theft, it sounds as though he could have targeted a resident, although the location of the theft was reportedly separate from the bulk of the complex.

The county sheriff indicated investigators obtained video footage of Rampey committing the theft. “We had a couple of instances of him on video taking the items and today we had one as well. We actually filmed him going into the residence and taking the items,” Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith told the Athens outlet, known as the Athens Banner-Herald. Although it looks like his campaign website was removed from public view, the status of his pending stint as a member of the state legislature isn’t immediately clear, but Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp, who recently won re-election to a second term, seems likely to have to call a special election of some sort. Rampey has been involved in the management of the complex where his burglary reportedly took place for nearly four decades. On Thursday of this week, investigators on the sheriff’s team were also searching the complex and Rampey’s residence for potentially further evidence in the case. It was the following day — Friday — when he got out on bond.