Trump Suffers Terrified Emotional Collapse Ahead Of Criminal Referral Vote


With the House panel investigating January 6 preparing to likely approve referring former President Donald Trump to the Justice Department for prosecution on a series of federal criminal charges, Donald isn’t thrilled.

“The highly partisan Unselect Committee is illegally leaking confidential info to anyone that will listen,” he claimed late on Sunday — the day before the committee would be conducting its public proceedings reportedly featuring a vote on referring Trump for criminal prosecution. “Adam “Shifty” Schiff is all over T.V. talking about Criminal Referrals, just like he was on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, which turned out to be the con of the century. How much longer are Republicans, and American Patriots in general, going to allow this to happen. These are the Criminals who spied on my campaign, cheated on the Election, lied to FISA Court & Congress. They are SICK!”

There’s no real-world indication the House riot committee is “illegally leaking” classified info to the press or any other source. While it’s true that Schiff, who serves on the riot panel, has recently talked up the prospect of criminal referrals, it’s not accurate that concern about connections held by Trump and his campaign to Russia turned out to be baseless. A former FBI agent who admitted to altering an email used in obtaining FISA court approval for surveillance of past Trump adviser Carter Page — who it’s unclear ever actually did much advising — didn’t even personally alter the course of the broader Russia investigation. A federal judge handling the criminal case against that ex-agent concluded it wasn’t proven the continuance of Page’s surveillance would have been blocked if not for what the defendant did. As for Donald’s claims of misconduct in the 2020 election: nope. Still nope.

Referring Trump for prosecution wouldn’t force the Justice Department to act, but Donald is upset anyway. He’s also worried about the possibility of a House committee soon releasing information from personal and business tax returns of his, something he claimed on Truth Social would be illegal for the House Ways and Means Committee to do — which, well, just isn’t correct.

“All of the so-called experts who think that they know so much about my very successful private company, actually know almost nothing,” Donald added later on Sunday. “It is a GREAT COMPANY, with lots of cash, some of the greatest assets anywhere in the World, and very little debt. Also, strong on deductions and depreciation. You will be seeing these numbers soon, but not all from my tax returns, which show relatively little. EVERYONE will be impressed, but the Fake News Media will not be happy, so against their narrative!” What does having the “greatest assets” in the world even mean? That “great company” was recently found guilty by a New York jury on all counts for a tax evasion scheme and continues facing a civil lawsuit from New York authorities for deceptive asset valuations.