Biden Unites Red & Blue America With Christmas Message Of Hope


As on other holidays, the contrast between the levelheaded leadership offered by Democrats and whatever on earth it is that Donald Trump is doing remains clear.

“There is a certain stillness at the center of the Christmas story: a silent night when all the world goes quiet,” Biden said Saturday. “And all the clamor, everything that divides us, fades away in the stillness of a winter’s evening. I wish you that peace this Christmas Eve.” “From the entire Biden family to yours: Merry Christmas, America,” he added early on Sunday.

An angry post on his alternative social media platform Truth Social from former President Donald Trump at around the same time on Sunday reads: “On this very cold but beautiful Christmas Day, look at our Nation NOW on the Southern Border compared to only a short time ago during the Trump Administration. We had the most SECURE Border in our history, versus the “horror show” that that is happening now, with record setting numbers of people, many of them hardened Criminals (including Killers, Human Traffickers and Drug Dealers), POURING INTO OUR COUNTRY at a rate the likes of which we have never seen before. The USA is dying from within!!!”

Trump’s conventionally deceptive Christmas message is that the United States is “dying” because people including “hardened Criminals” are “POURING” in. It remains untrue on a basic factual level that the southern border is somehow “open.” It’s not. While reports have chronicled some difficulties in caring for those arriving in the U.S., where seeking asylum is sometimes allowed, many weren’t admitted. Authorities have turned away individuals arriving at the border millions of times — including under the Biden administration — just following the imposition of contested restrictions on crossing the border under Trump connected on paper to COVID-19.

In another post on Saturday evening, Donald called himself the “Brilliant, Clairvoyant, and USA LOVING Donald J. Trump” in a complaint about the FBI supposedly “illegally coercing & paying Social and LameStream Media to push for a mentally disabled Democrat.” It’s not doing that. The allegation traces to federal funds provided to Twitter for compliance with requests for information. Those requests are just that — requests. There’s no inherent connection between that compliance and imaginary censorship of conservatives on social media sites.