Adam Kinzinger Publicly Embarrasses Donald Trump Jr. For Being A Fool


Adam Kinzinger, the Illinois Republican who was leaving a seat in the House this week after serving on the chamber’s committee that investigated the Capitol riot, took to Twitter to criticize Donald Trump Jr.’s involvement in promoting a specialty Bible that includes copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in its binding.

“Oh the irony,” Kinzinger said. “The fact that some Christians don’t see the problem here is more affirmation that it’s not the GOP that has failed Christians, it’s the church. Good Pastors and Priests rise up and call this out.” It’s definitely not strictly in line with the most basic understanding of even just general and widely cited principles of the New Testament for Donald Trump Jr. to be helping promote this. It’s also not exactly a solid argument that another printed edition of the Bible containing pages all already available elsewhere (this one has what’s known as the King James Version) will somehow save Christianity, which isn’t somehow under the kind of systematic attack some allege.

“Faith is being targeted and our country’s founding beliefs are being targeted,” Trump Jr. said in a testimonial included on a website for this edition of the Bible. “The “We The People Bible” is restoring what there is an attempt to remove. Preservation of Faith, preservation of America.” And how exactly is it doing that? However smoothly designed, it’s just another edition of the Bible, of which there are many. He really wants people to believe that another grab at money will somehow turn back a supposedly existential and society-wide threat to the very continuance of Christianity and the “founding beliefs” of the United States? How stupid does Trump Jr. expect his readers to be?

Kinzinger left Congress this week amid uncertainty about who would even become House Speaker, and he said in a CNN interview that while he was cognizant of the major impacts — including in his own life — of his time in Congress he wouldn’t miss the job. Kevin McCarthy lost in the first vote for Speaker held on Tuesday, with over a dozen and a half Republicans going against him.