GOP Officially Calls For George Santos To Resign


Nassau County Republican legislators called for the newly-minted Representative George Santos (R-NY) to resign. Santos came onto the scene with a heavy load of baggage. And the representative is currently being investigated not only in the U.S. but also by Brazil’s law enforcement for stealing a checkbook to buy clothing and shoes.

The Nassau County GOP rebuked Santos at 11:30 a.m. EST. However, the New York representative said he had every intention of staying seated.

The reason the Republicans gave for rebuking their fellow Republicans was that Santos created his new biography out of whole cloth as he ran for office. The new representative claimed that he graduated from Ivy-league colleges, but the representative never graduated from any college at all.

On his resume, Santos lied about everything from where he went to college to his Jewish grandparents escaping Hitler’s gas chambers. He even falsely claimed to be biracial. Santos has also operated under another name and loaned his campaign $700,000 which may have been funneled through his campaign by a donor.

One POLITICO source commented on background about the Nassau County GOP Chair Joe Cairo and other Republican elected officials:

‘They’ll issue a rebuke of him for running as a complete liar in an effort to resuscitate the image of the party.’

The source also told  POLITICO that the announcement will be a big assist for members of the Not-so-Grand-Old party’s 3rd congressional seat which Republicans hope to win in future elections, a swing seat. Republican Tom Suozzi (D-NY ) held that seat previously.

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At this time, Santos is under investigation by “local, state, and federal authorities.”

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