DOJ Moves To Probe Trump Employees Who Searched For Docs


Donald Trump said that he had hired an experienced company to search his properties for additional secret files, but did he? The ex-president has consistently refused to provide the Department of Justice (DOJ) the company’s name let alone the names of those who did the search. And now the DOJ is demanding those names.

Even though the company had not searched Trump’s Scotland golf resort, other New York properties. nor his Las Vegas hotel, the ex-president’s attorney felt that they had done enough, according to CNN sources.

Trump’s attorney relayed to Jack Smith that he hired two people to go through four of the previous president’s properties last November.  Then the searchers provided the former POTUS’ attorney with a written report. Those locations were a Florida office and storage unit, the Bedminister Golf resort in New Jersey, and Trump Tower.  Needless to say, the list of Trump properties is much longer.

Trump’s Attorney provided a more in-depth report regarding the November search and placed his own signature on it:

‘that also explained why and how the locations were chosen and inspected. The legal team said Trump himself gave no restrictions on what could be searched.’

Not surprisingly, the second report did not contain the names of those who did the search. Judge Beryl Howell told Trump’s attorneys to give Smith the names last week. Thus far, those names have not been released publicly.

Donald Trump threw one of his attorneys under the bus last June when Christina Bobb put her signature upon a document stating that all of the files had been returned to the government. In fact, there were still boxes of classified files at Mar-a-Lago, some in Trump’s office and bedroom closet. The statement Bobb signed said that Trump’s people had done a thorough search:

‘the Trump team conducted a “diligent search” of boxes in Florida from the White House, and the Trump lawyers handed over a double-wrapped envelope of documents to the federal agents.’


The department asked a judge to allow it to search Mar-a-Lago:

‘[The search] turned up more than 100 more records marked as classified, according to court filings.’


Watch this space.

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