Kyle Rittenhouse Event Cancelled By Las Vegas Hotel


An event tied to a hotel in Las Vegas that was scheduled for Wednesday evening and would feature Kyle Rittenhouse as a guest was abruptly cancelled evidently by bar management, according to info made public the day before the gathering was scheduled to take place.

Rittenhouse’s ostensible claim to fame is, of course, that he killed people at a Black Lives Matter protest that wasn’t even near where he actually lived and evaded criminal consequences for his responsibility for the deaths of two people with an acquittal at trial, making the right-wing embrace of his cause just plainly troubling. The now cancelled event was set to happen at a bar called The Oak Room, which is housed within Grand Canal Shoppes, a shopping mall evidently closely adjacent to guest rooms at the hotel called The Venetian Las Vegas, and the gathering was billed as a “private reception” with Rittenhouse, whatever that means. One of the sponsors was evidently a company called Axil that makes hearing protection to use while shooting. A spokesperson for the mall informed media of the cancellation.

“Our tenant informed us that they have canceled the event,” that spokesperson said. “We do not speak on behalf of our tenants, but want to emphasize this event did not align with our property’s core event guidelines.” This is the second recent occasion when an event that would feature Rittenhouse was cancelled, evidently by those in charge of the venue where it would take place. The earlier cancellation was at Southern Star Brewery, which is in Texas, and where the CEO subsequently spoke to receiving harassment and even threats in connection to the decision. “It’s been kind of a shitstorm,” Southern Star Brewery CEO Dave Fougeron told The Texas Tribune this month. “But now I’m more certain than ever that I made the right decision.” He also described his business as “a place of inclusivity,” adding that it’s “crazy that we’re getting threats from people.”

Predictably, Rittenhouse has shared familiarly phrased complaints about supposed censorship in response to the developments. He blamed the “woke mob.” It remains odd how obsessed figures on the Right are with fighting back against what they term “woke” ideology. The nearly pathologically obsessive extent to which they use the phrasing suggests there is some kind of woke brigade officially formed in the Democratic Party or that Democrats and liberals in general are focused on turning people “woke” and making them despise the United States, or something — which is all ridiculous.