Trump Bombs During Eulogy For ‘Diamond’ Of Diamond & Silk


What kind of person goes to a funeral where so many of those in attendance are intensely devoted to your cause, and where the crowd members are seeking to honor a deceased individual who was similarly committed, and then gets up on stage and complains about the length of time the memorial service was taking? Well, that’s apparently Trump’s approach.

Trump, who evidently paid for the event, went this weekend to a North Carolina funeral for the late conservative activist known as Diamond from the duo Diamond & Silk, whose given name was Ineitha Lynette Hardaway and who passed away without much of an apparent warning earlier this month at the age of 51. In a clip posted by Ron Filipkowski, who often shares footage of conservative political figures on Twitter to bring awareness to their destructive antics, Trump recounted an interaction he supposedly had prior to the service in which he was told what was evidently his visit there would take “about 15, 20 minutes — in and out.” “This is a little longer than 15 minutes, right?” Trump inquired to the crowd, which seemed to laugh in response. He also said he was open to his time there stretching a bit longer, but why else would he bring any of this up unless it had been a point of contention for him?

Trump also claimed he wasn’t actually previously familiar with Silk, whose given name is Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway, despite the surviving sister speaking of past interactions involving the ex-president. “I thought I knew ’em both — I didn’t,” Trump told the crowd. “I knew Diamond, but I didn’t know Silk at all. I just learned about Silk. You’re fantastic. You’re going to carry on beyond — beyond anybody’s wildest imagination.” Also at the event was Mike Lindell, who partnered with Diamond & Silk in distributing some of their commentary. Silk — aka Hardaway — questioned the circumstances of her sister’s death at the service in a manner that seemed to suggest a connection to concerns about the vaccine against COVID-19, although it’s unclear Diamond, who expressed opposition to the jab, even received it. There obviously remains no legitimate evidence of any kind of systematic danger from the vaccines.

See clips of Trump below: