New Investigation Of Brett Kavanaugh Requested By Former Federal Prosecutor


Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, who is now a legal analyst for MSNBC, pushed during a recent appearance on the network for a new investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s background following the emergence of a new documentary, called Justice, that both recounts and reveals new details about allegations of misconduct against the Supreme Court member.

Among what the film outlines is a recording of an individual named Max Stier, who recounted personally witnessing, while attending Yale with Kavanaugh, an incident in which he forced himself on a woman there, with other individuals also participating. The details are similar to an incident already reported involving fellow alumnus Deborah Ramirez.

“They didn’t care what misconduct he may have engaged in that disqualified him to sit as a Justice,” Kirschner told MSNBC, in evident reference to Trump’s White House, which reports indicate was provided info collected during federal looks at the then-nominee. “But here’s what I find so nauseating. 4,500 citizens put themselves on the line, and they called in those tips about Brett Kavanaugh’s unsuitability to serve. And you know what? There is nothing more offensive or disrespectful of those citizens who put themselves out there than to have those things delivered to the White House, rather than investigated by the FBI. How about we investigate them now?”

Kavanaugh, of course, was eventually voted onto the Supreme Court by the Republican majority then controlling the Senate, no matter the claims against him, which add extensively to the corruption and misconduct in which judges currently on that court have been mired. For instance, there’s also Clarence Thomas, whose wife, Ginni, was actually involved in pushes after the last presidential race to undo the results and help secure another term for Trump, despite his well-documented loss. No matter these ties and the glaring potential for a conflict of interest, Clarence has repeatedly weighed in on court disputes related to the 2020 presidential race and investigations into the circumstances of attempts to undercut it. As for Kavanaugh, the new documentary was kept secret throughout its production, which was financed by director Doug Liman.

Check out Kirschner’s commentary below: