Trump Gets Triggered By Jack Smith During Monday Meltdown


Donald Trump is still pushing his persecution complex to his social media followers on Truth Social as federal investigators continue their examination of his handling of classified documents from his administration that were later recovered from Mar-a-Lago.

Since that scandal spilled into the public’s view, including with a raid last August on that Trump resort in Florida, President Joe Biden has seen his own classified documents scandal emerge — although it is substantially different from Trump’s. There is no apparent indication that Biden or close associates of his engaged in any kind of obstruction, unlike Trump, who himself took what could have been an active and personal role in harboring the materials. Trump is still insisting, though, that Biden is some kind of criminal, while the ex-president himself is supposedly not guilty of anything here.

“Biden Documents were stored in Chinatown, REALLY?” Trump said on Truth Social this Monday. “Why aren’t the Thugs and Marxists that Raided Mar-a-Lago, looking to find the TRUTH about all of this, and completely exonerating former President Donald J. Trump and all of the many people that have been harassed and brutalized by the Special “Prosecutor” and his gang of Angry, Radical Left Democrats, looking only to further destroy our Country!”

Well, to be clear, federal agents — those Donald referred to as “Thugs and Marxists” — are involved in recovering and dealing with classified materials found in Biden’s possession or at locations associated with him, which trace to previous periods of his time in government. Attorney General Merrick Garland even appointed a special counsel to lead that investigation. The denial of the basic reality that comprehensive investigations are underway mirrors how consistently those denying the legitimacy of the last presidential election have ignored the investigations already done.

As for the documents, allegations about some of Biden’s materials temporarily going to a Chinatown neighborhood in D.C. were the subject of a recent segment on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday show. It obviously seems the particular location — in Chinatown — is completely irrelevant, although you can bet Trump and some of his top allies won’t let an opportunity for racism go unused, so they’re emphasizing the geography without anything to go on but their animosity.

On Bartiromo’s show on Fox, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who is leading the House Oversight Committee in this Congress, sounded aghast at the prospect of someone profiting off their family name — without a hint of acknowledgement that’s exactly what the Trumps do. He claimed evidence suggested a connection between the documents found at the sites connected to Biden and “influence peddling,” as though there was an intentional conspiracy or even access provided to those who shouldn’t get it. It’s entirely unclear that’s actually the case. He’s speculating. Is Comer as mad about Trump receiving huge payments for hosting LIV Golf events — money that evidently came from a fund controlled by the Saudi authority also responsible for the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and other human rights abuses?