Report Shows Biden Economy Booming As State Unemployment Rates Plummet


In another win for Americans, newly available data from the federal Labor Department shows significant declines in the unemployment rates seen in individual states in December 2022, compared to both the prior month and December of 2021, although reports continue from there.

Over the year following December 2021 — and therefore ending in December 2022, three dozen jurisdictions (including 35 states and Washington, D.C.) saw their unemployment rates drop, per the federal numbers. Of the rest, only four states saw increases in that period, with the others recording little significant change. Those four states were Arkansas, Nebraska, Indiana, and Oklahoma — none of which are obviously among the supposedly terrifyingly mega-liberal population centers about which they’re so often mad on conservative outlets like Fox News. The portrait provided by the available figures going from November to December of last year was somewhat different, but the data still showed general stability, with jumps in seven states, drops in five states, and what officials said were no significant changes in the rest of the states and the capital. (Data collection for Puerto Rico was interrupted by a storm.)

Other metrics also show improvement. The department reported that not a single state actually saw an overall loss in nonfarm employment totals in December of last year compared to the year prior, with most posting increases. That progress obviously represents a significant turnaround from what Americans suffered through as COVID-19 upended so much of the economy, while Trump — then the president — often seemed focused on tweeting.

“Today’s state unemployment rates give even more reasons for optimism all over the country,” Biden said on Tuesday. “We see record lows from Pennsylvania to South Dakota to Alaska. 38 states are now at or below 4 percent unemployment, including 15 States at or below 3 percent.” He also cited other statistics that have recently shown positive developments. “Americans are seeing a strong economy where they live,” Biden added. “They are seeing their neighbors back to work, with higher wages even accounting for inflation; they are seeing prices down at their pharmacies; they see new businesses opening with the most Americans applying to start small businesses of any time on record. And they are seeing groundbreakings for new factories, roads, and bridges in their states at an historic scale.”