More Classified Documents Marked ‘Secret’ Found At Trump Storage Unit


A new report from The Guardian outlines two additional classified documents that were found in a storage unit housing materials associated with Trump and his team in southern Florida. At least some of the contents of that unit were reportedly stored on a temporary basis in a bridal suite at Trump’s southern Florida resort Mar-a-Lago before later transfer to the facility.

It appears that storage unit is, so far, the only place besides Mar-a-Lago itself where classified documents have been found and recovered that originate with the Trump administration. According to The Guardian, both of the documents found at the storage unit by a team whose identities were the subject of a recent dispute between the Justice Department and Trump’s team were classified at the “Secret” level, which isn’t the highest, although it obviously still suggests sensitivity to the information involved. According to a source for The Guardian, one of the documents taken from the storage facility had “its classified attachment removed.” Also per The Guardian, these materials were found in apparently unopened boxes that originated with the Trump team’s exit from D.C., potentially addressing concerns about these particular documents reaching those they shouldn’t.

That, of course, still leaves everything that was recovered by federal agents, both through Trump’s team and directly by federal personnel when executing a warrant, from Mar-a-Lago. The Guardian also says that it’s not expected the docs recovered from the storage unit will figure into the broader investigation into the situation, which is the work of Special Counsel Jack Smith — although federal authorities successfully sought a court order compelling the release of the identities of individuals brought on by the already known Trump team for the third-party searches that evidently led to the discovery at the storage unit. That push potentially predicated the Justice Department bringing those individuals in for questioning. The situation involving Trump’s handling of classified docs remains distinct from circumstances surrounding documents found with Pence and Biden, because of the appearance of obstruction perpetrated by Trump and his associates alongside the possibility of specific intent from the ex-president in harboring the sensitive materials.