New Biden Approval Ratings Show Strength Despite Docs Story


A new poll shows that the American people continue to consistently show their support for President Joe Biden in spite of the drip drip drip discovery of documents from POTUS’ home and former think tank office. The materials come from when our president was a senator until his term as vice president. President Biden has accomplished historically more in his first two years than other presidents in two terms in the White House. And people can see those accomplishments helping them. This is how the numbers break down.

President Biden’s job performance remained the same prior to the documents discovery as reported by CBS News and after, according to a new Morning Consult Poll, which measures trends.  In January 55 percent of the voters did not approve of the job President Biden was doing and 43 percent did approve. Those percentages were reflective of a December Morning Consult Poll. That poll showed that 41 percent of those interviewed strongly approved of President Biden’s job performance. A full 80 percent of the Democratic interviewees approved of his overall performance.

Ninety percent of Republicans and 61 percent of Independents disapproved of the president’s job performance at that time, numbers that remained stable, too.

Republican legislators pounced upon the Biden documents found at 46’s Delaware home and the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, D.C. They compared POTUS’s find to the 300 classified documents located at Donald Trump’s beach resort, Mar-a-Lago and acquired during an FBI raid.

Had Trump turned over the documents to the National Archives, there would have been no story. But 45 lied about having them, came up with a rash of excuses, and even moved them from a storage area to his resort office and bedroom. Instead, the previous president is facing a criminal inquiry over classified materials.

However, once Vice President Mike Pence (R) discovered classified documents at his Indiana home that provided a better comparison between Trump’s absconding with the top secret documents and both President Biden and Vice President Pence’s inadvertent removal of documents as they left office.

In the poll, 35 percent of the interviewees indicated:

‘For now, voter awareness of Biden’s document issue pales in comparison with the Trump matter last year: 35% said they had seen, read or heard “a lot” about the discovery of the documents by Biden’s lawyers or the House GOP’s investigation into the matter, and 23% heard a lot about Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of a special counsel, compared with the 58% who heard the same about the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid.’

News of dropping inflation numbers may have lessened the concern over President Biden’s document news:

‘Nearly half of all voters (49%) said they had recently heard something negative about Biden, up from 40% in the final week of December. It’s not as large as the share of negative news resonance Trump faced following the raid of his Palm Beach property in August, when 67% of voters reported hearing something negative about him.’

The Morning Consult Poll was conducted between January 20 and 22. It interviewed approximately 2,000 random registered voters for this survey. And the margin of error was a solid +/-2 percentage points.

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