Trump Has Terrified Conniption Fit After Instigation Expand Legal Team


Trump doesn’t sound thrilled.

Across multiple days of meltdowns on his personal account on his knock-off social media site Truth Social, he appeared to complain about somebody joining the investigative team in the Manhattan district attorney’s office dealing with the criminal probe there into the Trump family business — although this individual, Mark Pomerantz, hasn’t actually been on the probe for the better part of a year. He resigned, although he does have a book slated to come out soon. (The district attorney in Manhattan has also made other hires.)

“So Crooked HILLARY Clinton’s lawyer, from the biggest of all Democrat law firms, and which is headed up by Chuck Schumer’s brother, is put into the Manhattan District Attorneys Office in order to dredge up bull…. to PROSECUTE “TRUMP,”” Donald yelled online this Thursday. “A TOTALLY CORRUPT WEAPONIZATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT BY THE DEMOCRATS, RUN DIRECTLY BY THE DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE (D.C.), WHO HAVE IMPLANTED THEIR OWN PEOPLE INTO THAT OFFICE. In the meantime, record breaking murders and violent crime are not even being looked at!”

Although Robert Schumer is involved with a private law firm where Pomerantz has also worked, there doesn’t appear to be any indication the Senator’s brother is in charge there. Strictly speaking, it’s also just incorrect for Trump to assert that the Justice Department is somehow “directly” running the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation. Even if there’s some personnel crossover, that’s just not true — like it obviously remains untrue that prosecutors are simply ignoring serious criminal acts.

Responding to a post ostensibly about an arrested Capitol rioter, Trump added on Friday: “Yet the Gestapo does NOTHING on the recent Atlanta/ANTIFA Riot where police were viciously attacked and vehicles and buildings were hammered and set on fire by Thugs and SlimeBalls. Our Country is being poisoned to death at the Border, the worst in history, and the Patriots of our Country are not going to take it much longer!” His comments don’t reflect reality. The violence in Atlanta — which it appears Trump is desperate to turn into some kind of cataclysmic event — obviously wasn’t just ignored by the relevant authorities in law enforcement. The conclusion of his remarks sounds like a threat, so it’s not exactly promising that he’s running for president again.