Polling Shows 63% Of Americans Want Trump To Go Away


In a poll publicized by CNN that was conducted in the third and fourth weeks of January, a full 63 percent of overall respondents shared they had an unfavorable view of former President Donald Trump, which doesn’t seem great for somebody trying to regain the White House!

The level of dissatisfaction is actually near the highest it has been in awhile in polling data cataloged by SSRS, which did this survey. In early 2021, just after the Capitol riot, it was at 64 percent, and although his results were never exactly stellar in recent years, the level of disapproval was down to 50 percent just after the presidential election in 2016, suggesting a significant portion of Americans have since become sick of the former president. The extent of dissatisfaction seen in the same set of new polling for President Joe Biden was ten percentage points lower than the level recorded for Trump, with 54 percent expressing an unfavorable opinion of the current commander-in-chief and 40 percent a favorable view. Levels of approval specifically for the job Biden is doing in office as president were better, with 45 percent in favor and 55 percent disapproving.

Strictly speaking, percentages of the public who hold a favorable or unfavorable view of a given political figure are reflected by a measurement different from the levels of approval or disapproval for an official’s conduct in their role. Favorability shows opinions on the figures as individuals and what they represent, while “approval” reflects job performance as seen by various Americans. Trump has confirmed he is, as expected, running for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election, although with polling sometimes showing Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis defeating him in a primary match-up, it’s definitely not a given Trump will win. DeSantis hasn’t announced a campaign, but he may do so, which has already led to predictable complaints from Trump. Polling has consistently shown DeSantis as the potential challenger with the best chance of actually defeating Trump. Nikki Haley, a former official in the Trump administration who will soon be announcing a campaign, consistently ranks lower.