Adam Kinzinger Rips Marjorie Greene For Betraying America


Adam Kinzinger, the now former Republican Congressman from Illinois who prominently served on the House committee that investigated the Capitol riot, turned his attention to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) this Monday.

On Twitter, Kinzinger rebutted the premise of criticism she posted about U.S. support for Ukrainian authorities in that country’s war against Russia, pointing to how the support serves U.S. interests in terms of boosting democracy — and in the absence of providing that backing, it wouldn’t necessarily be that there was all of a sudden no threat to face. “Every month America gives Ukraine $1.1 Billion dollars to keep their government propped up. Every month,” Greene, who is now on the House Oversight Committee, complained on Twitter. “Cheaper than war, but I know how fearful you are,” Kinzinger replied. “Gotta be a burden on your shoulders to have never served.” Kinzinger himself has a history in military service.

Greene has previously expressed opposition to the U.S. sending further assistance to Ukraine. Her buddy Donald Trump has recently insisted he could negotiate an end to the war between that country and Russia if only given the chance, which is not reasonably supported by actually available evidence. What would qualify him to do that? His repeated outreach to North Korea when he was president resulted in next to nothing, and the diplomatic deals in the Middle East did not resolve some of the most high-profile conflicts, including between Israeli and Palestinian officials. In office, he often alienated allies, whether that was through antagonizing NATO or imposing new barriers to trade with those countries, including in the form of import taxes paid by U.S. interests conducting the importing that Trump inaccurately described as money coming in from, say, China, revealing what was apparently a staggering lack of understanding about the basic process there.