Latest Joe Biden Approval Polling Hits Highest Since 2021


New polling is out showing the best level of approval among the public for President Joe Biden’s job performance in office since December 2021 according to this particular source. The data, collected earlier this month, shows the first positive reading — with approval ahead of disapproval — since that much earlier point.

The polling is from Investor’s Business Daily and found an overall level of approval for Biden’s job performance at 46 percent, with 44 percent disapproving. The January polling showed Biden’s approval two percentage points behind disapproval for his job performance, marking a jump of four percent in the site’s polling. Approval for Biden’s job performance rose among Democrats and investors, the latter of whom were defined here as those with household holdings in mutual funds or equities at $10,000 or above. Approval among Democrats reached 81 percent in February’s numbers, while a full 62 percent of investors expressed a positive opinion, which was nine percent above the level of approval for Biden among investors last month.

Recently, available metrics on the economy have shown consistently positive signs, including the report from the Labor Department on the job market last month showing roughly twice as many jobs added across the economy in January as were added in December, a total that also passed the average seen each month in 2022. New claims for unemployment assistance also remain low and have already posted declines this year, and levels of inflation generally continue sinking, with wages going up, although inflation — which has been a global problem — would lessen the opportunity for those seeing their pay increase to benefit from the jumps. As the Federal Reserve continues raising interest rates in hopes of pushing down the kind of economic engine leading in part to inflation, the positive signs persisting in many sectors of the economy while inflation drops provide promising cues.

Biden’s standing with the public obviously also suggests he is in a good position heading into the 2024 presidential election, when he may end up facing Donald Trump again, if the former president wins the primary. Trump’s continued commentary online about his supposedly great standing in polling suggests he’s rather worried about the potential of him losing at some stage of 2024. In reality, surveys done at both the national level and in swing states have sometimes shown Ron DeSantis beating Trump, although the Florida governor hasn’t announced a candidacy. Nikki Haley, a former official in the Trump administration, will it seems soon be announcing her own bid for president, but polling hasn’t shown her in as positive of a position for 2024.

Image: Gage Skidmore/ Creative Commons