George Santos’s Constituents Unite To Demand His Expulsion


Constituents of Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) turned out in D.C. this Tuesday to further push for his exit from Congress as outrage continues to build about his deception and problems around his campaign, like the question of where exactly the $700,000 original reports claimed he personally loaned his bid for Congress originated.

A report from Mother Jones also spotlighted tens of thousands of dollars in donations to his unsuccessful 2020 run for Congress that were reported with apparently false personal details, like names of people who available public records suggest don’t actually live in the United States, if they exist at all. An associate of the Congressman also had donor support reported in his name that he claimed he didn’t actually provide. Providing and knowingly accepting donations for a political campaign with false personal details are both crimes. There are also questions about Santos’s campaign expenses. Why on earth was he spending big on airfare for a political campaign in a single House district? What about the money that available details seem to indicate may have been spent on his own rent?

Courage for America, an organization evidently dedicated to rhetorically fighting against the threats from the new Republican majority in the House, posted about the trip Santos’s constituents took this week. “Today, NY-03 constituents are coming down to DC to deliver a sign-on letter asking @HouseGOP leaders to finally hold @RepSantosNY03 accountable for his deceit and lies,” they said. “Help them urge @SpeakerMcCarthy to hold a vote to expel Santos NOW: 202-225-4000.” Others have already pushed back against Santos, including New York Republican officials like the chair of the Nassau County GOP. (That county is on New York’s Long Island, where Santos’s district is situated.) Republican members of Congress have also pushed for steps like a probe by the House Ethics Committee or his exit from Congress altogether. He’s been predictably resistant, telling a CBS journalist his constituents’ trip wouldn’t be a “concern” or a “distraction.”

It seems likely he won’t be winning another term, if he even decides to run. A recent poll reported by the New York publication Newsday found over three-fourths of his constituents — including over 70 percent of Republicans! — supported the idea of him resigning. He is now under investigation by the Justice Department in evident relation to issues of campaign finance and allegations he took thousands of dollars raised on behalf of a veteran’s sick dog, who has since died. Republicans in Congressional leadership roles haven’t done much against Santos. It was his own choice to leave two committee spots he got on lower-profile panels.

Check out photos and footage of Santos’s constituents gathering Tuesday in D.C. below: