Lauren Boebert Flops Badly During GOP Speaking Event


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) apparently has a continuing side gig as a motivational speaker, although just to be clear, it’s unclear if she was paid for a recent appearance at a Christian conference for women held at a church in Dallas.

Amid remarks trying to discredit the idea her listeners should be worried about material issues like running out of money, which she predictably listed alongside the supposed calamity of Joe Biden serving as president, Boebert also shared what could be construed as a wish for the commander-in-chief to, well, die, although she didn’t say as much directly. “We pray for our presidents,” Boebert said. “It says, ‘Let his days be few and another take his office.'” Boebert subsequently referenced articles of impeachment that she filed against Biden, an initiative that has yet to get anywhere, and she also referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as an “insurance policy” for Biden. Some of the contextual details here make it seem she had hopes Biden dies. The passage of the Bible she quoted directly references the target of the sentiments meeting their end — meaning dying, and “Let his days be few!” just sounds like the kind of thing one says about a public figure’s life, not their term in office.

It wasn’t something like: “Hopefully his term ends soon!” Her reference to Harris is also suspicious, since vice presidents ordinarily take over when a president dies, although such a figure might also become president if a commander-in-chief is impeached and removed from office, but there is absolutely zero real-world indication that Boebert’s hopes for impeachment would ever reach that point. Democrats still hold the Senate, and it’s unclear the needed Republican majority in the House would even support her ambition, making it difficult to credibly ascribe her sentiments to solely the idea of impeachment. Boebert indicated at another point of her remarks she was speaking in purposefully open-ended terms.

“Maybe He’ll have you ball up your fists and stand in front of some demons — maybe a Speaker of the House?” Boebert told the crowd, evidently discussing what God wanted. She subsequently noted she confronted Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the now former Speaker, not just the post’s current occupant, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), so “nobody knows what I really meant there, for the record, when they try to put this in print.” Although the contours of the requirements could obviously be relatively open-ended, how on earth did Boebert end up perceived as qualified to hold such a role, whether Congresswoman or church speaker? She is now on the House Oversight Committee for the next roughly two years. Watch her recent comments below: