Feds Capture Texas MAGA Rioter For Assaulting D.C. Police


A Texas man has become one of the latest captured and charged amid ongoing investigations into the violence that took over the Capitol on January 6 over two years ago.

Jason Farris, who was identified by the Justice Department as 44 years old and hailing from Arlington, Texas, now faces charges including assaulting police and interfering with officers during a civil disorder, which together come with over 10 years in prison, at least as a maximum. According to details provided by the Justice Department, Farris while at the Capitol physically confronted officers outside the building just after rioters first breached the building itself. The department says he was among rioters gathered on the northern side of the Lower West Plaza of the Capitol, evidently near a tunnel that figured rather infamously into some of the most intense physical violence seen that day. It’s inside the tunnel that rioters moved their bodies back and forth in unison in an attempt to break through police lines. It’s also near where then-officer Michael Fanone was dragged into the crowd and brutally attacked.

Fanone has spoken of hearing someone shout to use his own gun against him, and he’s also talked about trying to use the fact he had children to convince the mob to ease up. Others in law enforcement who’ve spoken about their experiences, including Daniel Hodges and Aquilino Gonell, were also injured in the same area. The Justice Department notes that when Farris was in this area he verbally confronted police, including with the following choice quote: “I bet your family is proud of you, fucking faggot ass. You ain’t shit. Ain’t none of you shit.” Farris subsequently shoved an officer to the ground as that member of law enforcement tried to keep their grip on a bike rack used that day for barricades before the mob proved obviously more intense than what that kind of set-up could handle. “After Farris shoved the officer to the ground, other rioters pulled the bicycle rack away from the police and dragged it into the crowd,” a press release noted.

It remains abundantly clear, thanks to Trump himself, that this is what he encourages and accepts. He has spoken in glowing terms of what took place that day and pushed for the release of everyone detained over the violence — and now he’s running once again for president.

Image: Brett Davis/ Creative Commons