George Santos Gets Humiliated Again By Public Fact-Check


George Santos is still lying.

The first-term Republican Congressman from New York, who was caught deceiving voters and anyone else who would listen about key elements of his professional and personal backgrounds, also lied in a recent interview for the conservative outlet Newsmax about interactions he said he had with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who is now an independent. Santos was discussing what happened on Tuesday, when President Joe Biden delivered a State of the Union address to Congress. That night, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) admonished the Congressman, telling Santos he didn’t “belong” there — referring, at least how the Senator eventually explained it, to his presence towards the front. The Utah Republican also said he opposed Santos being in Congress at all.

Santos said he got support from Sinema, and he had specifics, claiming that Sinema said “something to the effect of, ‘Hang in there, buddy,'” adding that she was “very polite” and “very kindhearted.” Santos claimed these interactions took place in a manner similar to how Santos encountered Romney, as Senators moved through that Congressional chamber where they’d hear Biden’s speech. None of Santos’s claimed interactions with Sinema actually took place, a spokesperson for the Senator said. Manu Raju of CNN was among the reporters who shared the news, including that the spokesperson explicitly referred to the remarks from Santos as a lie. During the same Newsmax interview, Santos — who is under federal investigation and investigation by both local and state authorities in New York — also tried to characterize Romney as harboring some kind of antagonistic feeling towards “minorities,” presumably wanting to make a connection between these claims and what Romney told him.

The federal investigations into Santos cover issues including his campaign finances and his potential theft of thousands of dollars raised on behalf of a veteran for that individual’s sick dog, who has since died. Other areas of concern have included his financial disclosures to Congress and the credibility issues presented by his lying, with some pushing back against the possibility of Santos accessing classified information. He’s even claimed grandparents of his died in the Holocaust and that his mother died in some connection to 9/11, although it’s unclear there’s any evidence those forebears of his were even born in Europe or that his mother was in the U.S. on 9/11 at all! Who would lie like that?