More Classified Docs Found At Mar-a-Lago Via Copied Thumb Drive


Even more materials identified as classified have been found at Trump’s southern Florida resort known as Mar-a-Lago and provided to federal authorities, according to a report from CNN. The investigation in which these developments took place is among the areas of Justice Department work now led by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Those newly provided materials are in addition to the multiple documents found by a third-party team at a storage unit in southern Florida and also subsequently given to federal officials, all of which, of course, followed the FBI itself showing up to Mar-a-Lago for a raid late last year and seizing dozens of classified documents. Per CNN, the Trump team also gave federal authorities a laptop used by a Trump aide who’s worked at the pro-Trump political group known as the Save America PAC and copied some of the additional classified materials, ostensibly without knowledge of their protected status. That aide also held copies of the documents on a thumb drive, which was also given to investigators. CNN said the additional moves by the Trump team providing the government with further materials took place across the last two months.

The details of the aide’s possession — and copying — of the materials could obviously be of great interest to government investigators trying to determine what exactly happened here. Notably, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who leads the House Oversight Committee in this new Congress, previously spoke about the supposed possibility in light of the circumstances surrounding the discovery of classified documents associated with Biden that there was some kind of intentional conspiracy, raising the apparent prospect unwarranted third-party access was purposely provided. In this case, where it’s obvious somebody else — who’s worked at a PAC! — was somehow getting access to classified documents, will he be similarly concerned? He’s already glossed over the seriousness of problems of financial entanglements ensnaring the Trumps, multiple of whom have actually been in government, instead preferring to focus on Hunter Biden.

Just recently, a lawyer for Hunter Biden replied to a demand from the Republican leadership on the oversight panel for a series of communications and financial records with a sweeping rejection, arguing there was no legitimate legislative purpose for the committee’s interest and pointing out how Hunter Biden, a son of the current president, isn’t involved in his father’s political operation. On the other side, it’s not as though the Trumps’ problems aren’t actually that serious. Donald’s businesses have raked in what were apparently millions of dollars originating with a Saudi fund led by that country’s infamous Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for hosting events at Trump properties for LIV Golf. Where’s the Republican outrage there? Unlike private citizen Hunter Biden, Trump is running for president!