Mitt Romney Lights Up Marjorie Greene For Betraying America


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is pushing for what she is calling a national divorce, which would entail essentially breaking up the United States — although in a lengthy thread on Twitter, she clarified that she anticipated maintaining some kind of central government, at least for dealing with policy areas like defense.

That’s not to say, though, that her thoughts are meaningfully comprehensible. She has, it seems, failed to even clarify her definition of those states that are “red,” meaning Republican, versus the states that are “blue,” meaning Democratic. Georgia itself has two Democratic Senators and a Republican governor who won another term just last year. If the political slant of the state is so important to Greene’s imagined future, then who’s making these policy decisions she’d be pushing to what would evidently be state officials if she got her way? Is she imagining there’d be interstate authorities for “red” states and “blue” locales? Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), who has long been among the only Republicans in either chamber of Congress willing to openly push back on far-right weirdness, joined those speaking out against the nonsense.

“You know, I think Abraham Lincoln dealt with that kind of insanity,” Romney opined. “We’re not going to divide the country. It’s united we stand, divided we fall.” He also had broader comments. “Look, there’s no question, but there are some people in my party and in the other party that say things to try to get a headline and get people to send them money, and that happens to lead in today’s loony Left,” Romney said. “I should say loony Right.” Others who have spoken out to criticize all of this include Republicans Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, and Spencer Cox. Cox is the current governor of Utah.

Some of Greene’s comments about her plan for a so-called national divorce reveal just how out of touch with basic reality she really is. “[Democratic voters] could live in their safe space blue states, own nothing, let their government decide and control everything, and most importantly protect their fragile minds from being shocked and insulted by those of us on the right who believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” she moped Tuesday on Twitter. She does realize that she’s the one advocating for breaking up the United States as it currently operates, right? Objectively, whether it’s her idea that Democratic leaders in any substantial number support abolishing the police or the concept that there’s some plot on the Left to allow overtly sexual content targeting young children, a lot of what she’s saying is just nonsensical. Even apart from those specifics, she’s mad, though, about those living differently than herself, many of whom no doubt want to just do so in peace. Sounds fragile on Greene’s part, doesn’t it?