Adam Schiff Goes After GOP For Threatening Medicare & Social Security


California Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) pointed out another huge Republican lie. The congressman noted that the GOP “insisted cuts to Social Security and Medicare” weren’t on the metaphorical table — but they are, some revealed.

In a tweet, Schiff wrote, “Good health care and a dignified retirement are nonnegotiable:”

Just weeks after Republicans insisted cuts to Social Security and Medicare weren’t on the agenda, @Mike_Pence confirms they very much are. We will never let Republicans cut benefits earned by American workers. Good health care and a dignified retirement are nonnegotiable.’

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Watch this space. There has been concern that Republicans could try and latch cuts to these critical programs to any initiative to raise the debt limit, which is a federal financial parameter that deals with prior spending obligations rather than inherently outlining new such commitments. During a recent interview, Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) decried any effort to strike such a bargain, insisting instead on what could be termed a clean measure dealing with the debt limit, without rhetorical strings attached. There is already documentation of Republican interest in ideas like raising the ages at which Americans can access benefits like Social Security and Medicare, and the predictable GOP idea of undoing the Inflation Reduction Act would threaten the healthcare benefits contained within it, like a cap on the amounts per year that seniors will pay for prescriptions while on Medicare.

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