Tiny Crowd Shows Up For Don Jr.’s Speech At CPAC As Brand Crumbles


Well, it doesn’t look like it’s going great for Don Jr. — or the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), for that matter, which is fostering some scenes that don’t look spectacular for its speakers.

Donald Trump Jr. gave a speech at the latest installment of the event this weekend to what looked like a mostly empty auditorium, per a photo taken from what seems like the media section by journalist Tim Miller. It appeared around two-thirds of the hall’s frontmost seats were empty, which was about the same turnout as Nikki Haley saw for her remarks at the longstanding conservative event. The stage also had sections of seats on the short ends, and on one side, those seats looked pretty full — while on the other, that additional conference seating was definitely not anywhere close to full. Predictably, Miller reported that Don Jr. was spending a substantial portion of his time in the metaphorical spotlight whining about PNC Bank, the financial institution that recently ditched his news aggregator MxM News.

It’s the same kind of issue that’s been faced elsewhere in MAGA world, like by Mike Lindell. The former president’s son revealed the bank ditched his app, allegedly returning him his money, in an interview done for Newsmax in conjunction with the ongoing conference. In the same sit-down, he claimed his platform — which was designed to collect various sources of information for easy reading rather than itself providing a site for new content — was filling a need created by issues like that Newsmax and Breitbart were essentially inaccessible online. “Newsmax — you’d never find it online. Breitbart — you’d never find it online,” Don Jr. alleged, something that was obviously untrue.

In the same interview, Trump Jr. also indicated that, according to his telling, he wouldn’t be preparing notes for his planned speech and would instead be speaking off the cuff. Haley, meanwhile, is a former ambassador in the Trump administration to the United Nations and an ex-governor of South Carolina who is allegedly running for president, although she seems suspiciously unwilling to criticize Trump, who is her actual opponent at this stage of the race. Trump isn’t that concerned about her candidacy, based on his social media comments. She’s generally ending up in the single digits in polls.