Trump Has Weekend Mental Break-Down Over Justice Dept Moving Closer


Donald Trump doesn’t sound exactly thrilled with the progression of investigative efforts targeting him and those close to him over issues like the political schemes after the last presidential election meant to keep him in power despite his well-documented loss.

“This Animal Prosecutor that they stuck on me over the Boxes Hoax is trying to TORTURE my people into telling lies,” Trump yelled online this weekend. “It’s all for political reasons, and the fact that I’m leading, big, in all of the polls. He’s flying people from all over and throwing them in front of a D.C. Grand Jury. They are confused and scared – they’ve never done this before. These Democrat Marxist pigs should be the ones that are investigated. The nice guy prosecutor in the Biden documents case hasn’t even started yet!”

He’s referring, of course, to Jack Smith, who took over the probe at the Justice Department into classified documents Trump harbored at Mar-a-Lago after leaving the presidency. Obviously, there is no indication of some kind of torture that prosecutors on Smith’s team are somehow exacting against individuals associated with the ex-president and targeted for grand jury testimony. Trump’s reasoning for this fake threat — that he’s in the lead in “all” the polls — is also false. Polling at this early stage of the 2024 race shows a decidedly mixed picture, with Biden often in the lead in general election match-ups that would be a redo of the 2020 contest.

In general, these comments from Trump are just bizarre. “They are confused and scared” — he’s talking like these associates and allies of his sought for testimony are little children being chased by the big bad wolf. There was already an investigation of the sort Trump requested, and remember how that went? John Durham’s sweeping probe into the origins of the Russia investigation turned up no evidence — and no formal charges! — of a conspiracy. Two guys were accused of lying to investigators and were acquitted at trial, and a third individual admitted to altering an email that it’s unclear was essential to any part of the investigation moving forward, the judge observed.