GOP Legislator Arrested & Charged With Assault For Attacking Driver


The “unhinged” New Hampshire Republican state Representative Jeffrey Greeson is in serious trouble. According to Paul Manson, who operates a city snowplow, the lawmaker screamed and swore at the local plow driver. Fortunately, Manson caught the interaction on tape.

It took place on March 4, and local police were involved from the outset, having received a call of somebody obstructing a snowplow’s work. Manson’s recording captured Greeson saying, referencing the snow: “You don’t put it in the driveway.” Manson can be heard in the video making reference to physical contact from Greeson rather than just angry words.

Manson told WMUR the attack was “mind-blowing:”

‘It was mind-blowing to me. It took me a few days to actually settle down and figure out exactly what had happened. I think that he should be held accountable for his actions.’

Manson also spoke with the Associated Press. The driver said Greeson had complained that the snowplow was filling up his driveway:

‘I was putting it all in his driveway, which I’m going to be honest with you, that’s what I do. My job is to get the snow off the road. And I feel bad most of the time because I do put snow back in people’s driveway, and I really can’t help it. I get to go home when I’m done with my 15-, 16-, 18-hour shifts and do the same thing.’

Greeson’s accusations now include disorderly conduct, criminal threatening, and simple assault. “Greeson was released on personal recognizance and ordered back to the Plymouth District Court on May 18,” as Law & Crime reported.

The lawmaker claimed he apologized to Manson:

‘He accepted my apology. That was several days ago. And we have both moved on.’

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley said that this was just a case of “another unhinged NH House Republican.” It’s part of living in winter,” Buckley said on Twitter. “Rational people do not jump in front of a snowplow going down the road to demand special treatment nor do they display such wild anger at someone simply doing their job.” “Yet another unhinged NH House Republican,” Buckley added on the site. “Keep in mind he is not only a state rep but says he is a Christian Pastor!”

No one is above the law. The state legislature in New Hampshire has a very large number of members — among the most seen in such a body anywhere in the country. Some of the election results cataloged on Ballotpedia note Greeson only received a few thousand votes in a successful state legislative bid.

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