Trump Screams About ‘Sick, Fake News’ With Criminal Charges Possibly In ‘Days’


In a heated frenzy of rage, Donald Trump attacked the so-called “radical left” for bringing him under investigation once again this week. Years after the ex-president’s legally dubious hush money to an adult entertainer came to light, Trump could be soon headed to court. As is his wont, the seething previous president attacked the woman, Stormy Daniels, antagonistically calling her “horseface” on Truth Social, his knock-off social media site.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has offered the ex-president an opportunity to appear before the grand jury that’s been hearing evidence in his investigation into the scandal. Informed observers have concluded such means this case is close to a possible conclusion, leaving a boiling Trump to go on the attack.

Naturally, the livid ex-president calls the investigations a “witch hunt:”

‘These Four Radical Left investigations of your all time favorite President, ME, is just a continuation of the most disgusting Witch Hunt in the HISTORY of our Country. No different than the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA HOAX, the UKRAINE, UKRAINE, UKRAINE IMPEACHMENT SCAM, the SPYING ON MY CAMPAIGN, the “NO COLLUSION” MUELLER REPORT, etc. Whether it’s the MAR-a-LAGO RAID, the UNSELECT COMMITTEE HOAX, the PERFECT GEORGIA PHONE CALL, or the STORMY “HORSEFACE” DANIALS EXTORTION PLOT, ALL SICK, FAKE NEWS!’

The hopping mad ex-POTUS is also under investigation for trying to essentially steal the Georgia election during the 2020 campaign, and elsewhere, Special Counsel Jack Smith is hot on Trump’s heels for January 6 and related attempts to overthrow our government. This special counsel has a history in The Hague, where he investigated and charged figures suspected of war crimes, and now is taking on the former president.

In the meantime, New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating Trump for his company’s years of questionable activities. AG James said this is a case of “astounding” fraud and lies. In a civil investigation such as this, no criminal charges will result.

Back in reality, Russian interests sought to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and Trump, when in office, pressured Ukraine for so-called dirt connected to President Biden’s son, Hunter. Military support was among what Trump and his administration made at issue in the lengthy dispute, and the list goes on. Special Counsel Robert Mueller III prepared a thick report on Trump’s misdeeds.

The previous president is convinced the Democrats were “spying” on his presidential campaign, and he remains furious that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago to retrieve federally classified documents. In some of his most recent commentary, the previous White House resident also came down hard on the House committee that investigated January 6.

Check out Trump’s incensed post on Truth Social:

Screen-Shot-2023-03-14-at-9.17.09-AM Trump Screams About 'Sick, Fake News' With Criminal Charges Possibly In 'Days' Crime Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

There’s not much of an apparent chance a cornered Trump will get a handle on his emotions.

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