Adam Kinzinger Rebukes Trump & DeSantis For Selling Out The Country


Former Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) responded sharply to a recent post on Twitter from commentator Ben Shapiro arguing those who used to call Donald Trump “Hitler” now have another target and are harboring ostensibly ulterior motives. The author of The Authoritarian Moment asserted that now those same contrarians have shifted their supposedly dubious criticism to DeSantis, but Kinzinger replied that those in the GOP raising complaints about Trump and DeSantis were just following their beliefs — which used to be more widely accepted in the GOP.

The kinds of priorities shown by right-wing figures like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are simply vastly different from Trump’s, and Kinzinger pointed out the true nature of what the ex-president and ideological allies of his (like Ron) are doing.

Shapiro contended that people who were going after DeSantis were simply “looking for an excuse to back Biden:”

‘Amazing to see all the people who said Trump was Hitler now swiveling to decry DeSantis. They’re basically looking for an excuse to back Biden, and it’s perfectly obvious.’

The former representative and ex-member of the House’s Select Committee that investigated the violence of January 6 saw the situation quite differently. Kinzinger tweeted that both the candidate for president and the undeclared candidate (meaning DeSantis down in Florida) have moved from “conservatism” to “some strange form of socialism:”

‘Trump and DeSantis have both sold out conservatism for some strange form of socialism and government control of free markets. And now both have abandoned Ukraine. So no Ben, we are just still true to our beliefs.’

Kinzinger severely rebuked the author for missing the MAGA candidates’ affinity for “government control” and undercuts to Ukraine. The ex-representative was quick to point out that people simply saw life where they remained “true to our beliefs.”

Check out Kinzinger’s and Shapiro’s dueling tweets below:

Screen-Shot-2023-03-15-at-8.58.59-AM Adam Kinzinger Rebukes Trump & DeSantis For Selling Out The Country Corruption Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories Although Kinzinger is no longer a member of Congress, his voice for truth remains strong.

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