Trump Drops Behind Biden In 2024 Poll As Prosecutors Close In


A new national poll from Quinnipiac University showed President Joe Biden leading Trump by several percentage points in a general election match-up for 2024 that would, of course, directly repeat their contest from 2020. Among registered voters, Biden had 49 percent of the support, and Trump had 45 percent.

While presidential elections are, of course, decided state by state instead of just nationally, a lead to that extent for Biden is promising. Nationally, Biden ended up about 4.5 percent ahead of Trump in the 2020 race, in which the Democratic incumbent was obviously victorious.

Among overall respondents, responses varied on whether they had favorable or unfavorable opinions about the prospective 2024 contenders, also including Ron DeSantis. The Florida governor hasn’t announced a campaign but could do so. Biden led him — but only slightly — in the Quinnipiac numbers.

For Biden, 40 percent indicated a favorable view and 54 percent an unfavorable perspective, while Trump had the support on this question of 36 percent of respondents and the opposition of 58 percent. DeSantis had 36 percent expressing a favorable opinion, with 40 percent sharing an unfavorable perspective — and nearly one-fourth indicating they hadn’t heard enough for an answer.

When all adults were asked about how well the president was doing, President Biden received the approval for his job performance of 38 percent of respondents, with 55 percent disapproving. On other topics, the levels of approval and disapproval varied.

  • Response to Russia invading Ukraine: 45 percent approve, and 47 percent disapprove
  • Foreign policy: 39 percent approve, and 53 percent disapprove
  • The economy: 36 percent approve, and 59 percent disapprove
  • Immigration: 27 percent approve, and 62 percent disapprove
  • The southern border: 23 percent approve, and 64 percent disapprove.

Trump already formally declared his candidacy, and indications are Biden is also running. Elsewhere, the Florida governor has written a book and embarked on a tour that took him to Iowa, which remains prominent for its early role in the nominating process.

Quinnipiac interviewed 1,635 registered voters by cell phone and landlines via random digit dialing. The sampling included 677 Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, according to the respondents’ descriptions. When all of the voters were queried, the margin of error was +/- 2.4 percentage points. And when just the Republicans and Republican-leaning voters were questioned, the margin of error was +/- 3.8 percentage points.

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