Trump Has Petrified Wednesday Freak-Out As Prosecutors Collect Evidence


Donald Trump has once again gone on the attack against those he considers his enemies as he faces a possibly looming criminal case over hush money illegally provided to adult film star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election. Should Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg actually secure an indictment of the ex-president this week, Trump could want a televised arrest so that he’ll have visuals supporting his long-claimed martyrdom.

As is the usual wont of the last resident of the White House, the ex-president fired up Truth Social for a Wednesday morning rant. This time, Trump started off berating DA Bragg as a “rogue prosecutor.”

Next, Trump, who could be the first president to be charged with a crime, attacked his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen. The ex-lawyer has televised his contempt for a boss whose MO has been undercutting his employees’ careers of subservience after perceived missteps. Take ex-vice president Mike Pence (R) for example, against whom Trump has largely turned despite Pence sticking with Donald through the 2016 campaign and four years in the White House because the former official refused to help with Donald’s plans for stealing the 2020 election.

DA Bragg has held his own against Trump and the ensuing threats facing his team. And it is unlikely the DA will take 45’s advice on how to run the Manhattan criminal justice system, either.

Trump showed his lack of knowledge regarding Constitutional law by suggesting that an ex-president could not be indicted by a criminal grand jury. That’s wrong, of course, although Trump’s rants aren’t exactly known for being fully fleshed out, not to mention comprehensively grounded in the law. The last president even managed to attack New York City as a “hellhole:”

‘The Rogue prosecutor, who is having a hard time with the Grand Jury, especially after the powerful testimony against him by Felon Cohen’s highly respected former lawyer, is attempting to build a case that has NEVER BEEN BROUGHT BEFORE AND ACTUALLY, CAN’T BE BROUGHT. If he spent this time, effort, and money on fighting VIOLENT CRIME, which is destroying NYC, our once beautiful and safe Manhattan, which has become an absolute HELLHOLE, would be a much better place to live!’

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Americans await DA Bragg’s decision regarding Trump’s future. A grand jury would need to approve an indictment for Trump, if Bragg pursues it.

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