Federal Judge Shuts Down Trump’s Attempt To Obstruct Justice Dept


As Special Counsel Jack Smith conducts a criminal investigation into schemes meant to undercut the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and help Trump secure another term despite his well-documented loss, reports reveal that federal Judge Beryl Howell, in her now former (but then active) role as chief judge on the D.C. District Court, has rejected claims of executive privilege from Trump’s corner meant to cover a slew of associates.

The list includes Mark Meadows, John Ratcliffe, Robert O’Brien, Stephen Miller, Dan Scavino, Ken Cuccinelli, and others, all of whom, should Howell’s position be upheld, would now be required to provide answers (in some cases, additional answers) to federal investigators. As is customary with ongoing investigations of this sort, there aren’t a lot of publicly available details about the course of the probe into the political schemes following the 2020 election beyond information like who has testified or will be providing testimony alongside publicly visible actions like the execution of a search warrant at a residence of Jeffrey Clark. Clark was an ally to Trump in the Justice Department who supported the then-president’s ambitions with regards to the 2020 election, including by drafting a letter meant for state authorities deceptively pushing for action that could’ve led to dismantling Biden’s win.

Trump was also reported to have considered making Clark the head of the Justice Department as Donald’s term in office drew to a close. In the dispute over the testimony of those associates to the former president, ABC reported that Trump was “likely to appeal the ruling, according to sources briefed on the matter,” which obviously isn’t surprising. In reference to the specific aides, ABC added in its summary of the situation that, per sources, it’s “not clear the amount of information each of them would have, or the scope of what prosecutors want to question them on.”

Elsewhere, a federal appeals court also recently rejected similar attempts to stop Trump attorney Evan Corcoran from providing testimony in the probe at the Justice Department into Donald harboring classified documents after he left office, and it appeared Corcoran quickly began providing testimony this week. Smith, who has the authority to bring criminal charges, also leads the unfolding documents investigation.