Officer Injured On Jan. 6 Targets Marjorie Greene For Complicity In Threats


Aquilino Gonell was among those publicly responding to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) in recent days after the Georgia Republican complained online about a protester with a whistle disrupting a press conference she was trying to stage.

The presser was in conjunction with a visit to a D.C. jail where members of the mob that stormed the Capitol have been held. Most of those still detained at the facility are specifically accused of physical violence, and Gonell was among the officers attacked by the crowd that day. Now formerly with the U.S. Capitol Police, he left his long career in law enforcement service in the aftermath of his injuries. As for Greene, she accused the whistling demonstrator of having committed assault. While like with any other loud sound, such a display could be somewhat damaging — eventually, depending on factors like distance and time, it’s rich for Greene to be acting like she’s concerned about decency and safety while stumping for violent criminals. We obviously have a presumption of innocence in the U.S. judicial system, but among those detained from the riot are individuals already serving a sentence.

“To her this “assault” is more severe than what the rioters did on the officers, our democracy and her colleagues being hunted down room by room to the point they had to be escorted and evacuated away from the Capitol building,” Gonell said. Greene said in a post to which the former officer was responding that her team sought the demonstrator’s arrest — which is also rich. It seems less like she’s interested in criminal justice reform and the fair treatment of prisoners and more like she’s concerned with specifically trying to boost those who joined the deadly riot.