Eric Swalwell Rallies For Action Against GOP’s Dangerous Lies On Guns


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), who was blocked by Kevin McCarthy from continuing his service on the House Intelligence Committee but remains seated on panels like the Judiciary Committee, spoke out on Monday after a school shooting, this time in Nashville, to lambast policy plans from the GOP.

“At least 3 children are dead in another school shooting,” Swalwell said. “Yet the GOP-led Judiciary Committee is passing a resolution tomorrow to make it easier for mass shooters to obtain pistol stabilizing braces. They must cancel this hearing now.” Pistol braces were the recent subject of proceedings in the House. The items, as alleged, significantly expand the functionality of accompanying firearms when in use, making the pistols more closely approximate a short-barreled rifle or sawed-off shotgun — a category of weapon already subject to particularly strict scrutiny, in part because of the ease of concealment. The Biden administration sought to restrict the braces, leading to predictable Republican outrage, although in general, moves passed by one chamber or even a portion of that chamber need further approval before actually being implemented.

The Monday shooting in Nashville took place at what was apparently a private Christian school, where early indications said an apparent teenage girl carried out the attack, killing at least three children and three adults. (UPDATE: The attacker was actually 28.) Elsewhere, Republicans are still carrying out their agenda of expanding access to guns, like in Florida, where legislators have been working on a plan to allow concealed carry in the state without a permit, eliminating an entire avenue of oversight. Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis has also expressed support for allowing open carry without a permit in the state.