Officer Attacked On Jan. 6 Helps Turn Americans Against Trump 2024


Aquilino Gonell, who served with the U.S. Capitol Police on January 6 and helped defend the Capitol from that day’s rioting mob of Trump supporters, remarked online recently about some of Trump’s threats after a campaign rally for the former president featured footage from the Capitol riot.

The deadly violence seen that day is what Trump is endorsing. He was even co-credited on a song on which individuals who’ve been charged from the riot assembled their vocals! The track played alongside the footage from the riot, and at the Trump campaign rally, which took place in Waco, Texas, Trump was photographed standing at attention with his hand over his heart as the whole thing went down. He remains the perceptible frontrunner for the Republican Party’s nomination.

“He failed,” Gonell said online of Trump, alongside an image of the ex-president at the rally with that footage. “He sided with the insurrectionists. He [swore] an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land and to defend and protect our country. Yet an attack in broad daylight, on his watch happened as he watched it played out on live TV.” After his injuries from the Capitol violence and amid lengthy medical consultations, Gonell left his active service in law enforcement. He was among the four officers who shared some of their experiences in the 2021 hearing held by the House committee that investigated the Capitol riot shortly after that panel’s formation, and he was injured in the area of the Lower West Terrace at the Capitol, where there is a tunnel that figured into much of the more intense physical violence seen that day.

Elsewhere, Tucker Carlson and Fox are facing potentially further defamation litigation over some of the deceptive claims trumpeted on air about Ray Epps, a Trump supporter accused with no substantive evidence of an least possible role as some kind of federal agent around the Capitol riot in 2021. A lawyer for Epps recently demanded that false claims about his client be effectively withdrawn and requested that various documentary materials be preserved, perhaps suggesting pending litigation, considering what would be an accompanying discovery process. Assuming there’s no sudden settlement, Fox will soon go on trial in the defamation litigation from Dominion Voting Systems, the election technology company.