Majority Of America Opposes Trump Ever Winning The White House Again


In terms of his public standing, it doesn’t seem like Trump is doing so great these days.

New polling from NPR, PBS NewsHour, and Marist finds 61 percent of respondents in opposition to the idea of Trump nabbing another term as president, as he is currently trying to do. That’s not exactly a great sign for his campaign, which he’s trying to expand with stunts like his recent campaign rally in Waco, Texas, that featured footage just drawn from the Capitol riot, which, just to be clear, was played approvingly as Trump stood at attention. A solid majority of overall respondents, reaching 56 percent of the total, also said they in general felt the investigations Trump is facing to be fair. Alas, your angry rants at odd hours on Truth Social aren’t working, Donald.

Even 18 percent of Republicans supported the idea of the investigations on that question, which while a minority of the party’s respondents, is still notable considering the feverish intensity with which Trump is promoting his narrative about the whole thing to the party’s adherents.

Nearly a majority of overall respondents, at 46 percent, shared they felt Trump to have committed an illegal act. That could manifest in any number of contexts, from the ongoing criminal investigation in Manhattan into hush money given to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election to the criminal probe in Georgia into attempts at meddling with the state’s election results on behalf of Trump in 2020. (Joe Biden was victorious in Georgia.) Donald also remains under criminal investigation in association with his handling of classified documents after leaving office, and early reports have indicated the special prosecutor’s team working on that probe has made initial showings of evidence pointing to (not proving) criminal activity by Trump himself.