Democrat Readies Campaign To Unseat GOP Loon George Santos


George Santos, the New York Republican who lied ahead of his presently unfolding first Congressional term about what seemed like basically everything, is still in his House seat, in case you were wondering.

Santos, who lied about what apparently included elements of his family background, education, and career, hasn’t done much in his current leadership role, which is partly of his own doing, since he withdrew himself from the committee responsibilities he’d been provided despite his lack of experience and the controversies that quickly surrounded him. He has sponsored four bills so far, all of which have attracted zero cosponsors, according to data on That list includes a bill that would require annual cognitive tests for presidents — an idea that’s rich coming from Santos, considering everything he has ever done in the rhetorical public eye.

The pressure for Santos to resign is continuing, although there’s no apparent sign he’ll do as so many (including in his own district!) want. “George Santos is going to launch his re-election campaign on Monday,” Josh Lafazan, a Democratic politician hoping to unseat Santos, said this weekend. “He is a liar, a fraud, and a failure. New York’s 3rd Congressional district deserves an honest Congressman willing to put our district first. Resign now @Santos4Congress, and end this national embarrassment.” Santos responded with predictably vague and antagonistic jabs, even criticizing Lafazan for receiving what the Democrat later explained was corrective jaw surgery that helped him live a more normal life. Even if Santos sticks with it and runs for another term, it’s not even a given he’d win the GOP’s nomination. Just look at what happened in 2022 with Madison Cawthorn.