Protesters Gather On N.Y. Streets To Demand Justice Against Trump As Trial Starts


Protesters assembled outside a courthouse in Manhattan on Tuesday as a trial against Donald Trump on sexual assault claims from writer E. Jean Carroll began. Trump himself wasn’t showing up, at least early on Tuesday.

The trial, which is civil rather than criminal in nature, could end — if Carroll is successful — with financial penalties imposed on Trump rather than any criminal consequences. Carroll says Trump sexually assaulted her in the 1990s, and she brought specific court claims covering the originally alleged incident after New York state made limited adjustments to the relevant statutes of limitations under which adult survivors of sexual misconduct could once again bring court disputes over what happened to them. She’d already accused Trump of defamation after his sweeping and antagonistic denials.

Per photos and footage from the Tuesday scene in New York, protesters were expressing familiar sentiments, including support both for Trump’s potential arrest and the general execution of justice against him. “No one is above the law,” one large banner held by several people proclaimed. “We believe E. Jean Carroll,” other signage also present said. That sentiment was also expressed through chants as Carroll arrived.

The shows of opposition to Trump on the streets of New York City have been consistent, including on the occasion of his recent arraignment in a criminal case stemming from the hush money provided to Stormy Daniels and when he showed up for a deposition in the unfolding civil lawsuit from New York state Attorney General Letitia James. That case deals with allegations of sweeping financial misconduct involving deceptively claimed valuations for various company assets. Trial is scheduled for October.

Ahead of the start of jury selection for Trump’s trial on Carroll’s claims this Tuesday, Trump’s team lost in a last-ditch attempt for another look at allowing testimony from Natasha Stoynoff, another woman who says Trump committed sexual misconduct against her. Trump’s lawyer contested how substantially similar what allegedly happened to Stoynoff actually was to what Carroll has claimed, which is relevant for whether the testimony can be heard, rules-wise. Joe Tacopina, the Trump lawyer, seemed to ignore other factors beyond what parts of Stoynoff’s body the ex-president allegedly targeted. Trump was also alleged to have seemingly planned the encounter, and when someone else entered the room, he allegedly stopped, suggesting his ambitions went further.

See the protest scenes below: