Democrats Enact Nation’s Tenth Assault Weapons Ban In Defiance Of MAGA


Washington’s Democratic Governor Jay Inslee has signed a ban on assault weapons into state law. The prohibitions cover the sale (and, among other things, importation) of the restricted firearms, although as has been the case in other newly implemented rules, those already possessing such guns can keep the weapons if they otherwise abide by the new standards.

Washington’s ban is the tenth state limit along these rhetorical lines in the nation, per tabulations that have circulated. Under Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker, who won another term in last year’s midterm elections against a Trump-endorsed challenger, Illinois also recently joined the list. As explained in a post from the Washington governor’s account on Medium, which is a publishing platform, the new restrictions in Washington define the restricted weapons both according to a specific list of gun models and a series of features, covering firearms that would otherwise be classed the same but whose precise branding wasn’t included. “Washington law defines assault weapons using both a list of specific firearms — including certain types of rifles and pistols —and a list of specific features that enable mass killing,” the post said.

The weapons covered by the limits in Washington, Illinois, and elsewhere have repeatedly been used in mass shootings, and advocates continue seeking further limits on the national level. Nationally, a ban on assault weapons has widespread support among Democrats, including from President Joe Biden and his administration. Some of these more high-profile policy areas could see progress for Democratic ambitions with slight political shifts giving the party a simple majority in the Senate in favor of filibuster reform and restored control of the House, should Biden win another term, which seems easily possible considering the current polling situation.

Predictably, a lawsuit was already filed to challenge the new ban in Washington, but state Attorney General Bob Ferguson isn’t concerned, citing past wins in court against organizations evidently including the entity behind the new case, the Second Amendment Foundation. “We haven’t lost a case yet against the NRA or the Second Amendment Foundation when they’ve challenged common sense gun reform,” Ferguson said, according to an affiliate of NBC in Washington. “My legal team is better than their legal team. I’m confident we’ll win again.”