Photos Disprove Marjorie Greene’s Loony Lies About New York City & Democrats


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is mad and embarrassing herself, ranting even weeks after her trip to New York City to (try and) protest for Trump about what she saw there.

During an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News in the immediate aftermath, Greene raised familiar complaints about the protests she encountered, comparing those involved in the whistle-driven demonstrations to Communists and lumping them in the category of what she characterized as violative “assault.” She has used similar language before, including after encountering similarly styled protests while she tried to hold a press conference in connection with a visit to a D.C. jail that has housed detainees with cases originating with the 2021 Capitol violence. Although Greene has repeatedly made a show of ascribing at least violent intentions to her political opponents in and out of office, the charged and jailed pro-Trump rioters she is so eager to support — outside established trends of what’s just advocacy for prisoners’ rights — include people accused of sometimes brutal violence.

It remains notable how committed Greene, Carlson, and others in their corner paint themselves to be around free speech rights under the First Amendment, while ignoring the implications of their arguments that would shut down political speech from their opponents.

During the Carlson interview, Greene also raised apocalyptic warnings about supposedly looming antagonism against Trump supporters from barely defined foes in the halls of government. The notion remains ridiculous. Do they really want people to believe individuals charged after the Capitol riot are being politically persecuted? Do they think someone breaking windows at the Capitol and beating police officers nearly to death who had different politics would just… skate by? Do they live in reality? “What they really want to do is once they remove their top political opponent, which is President Trump, they’re going to come after all of us,” Greene said. “This has happened repeatedly throughout history, and people need to wake up.”

During that interview, she also complained — bitterly! — about conditions in New York City, which remains simply not the ludicrously over-the-top dangerland that Republicans claim. “The streets are filthy,” Greene claimed of New York. “They’re covered with people basically dying on drugs. They can’t even stand up. They’re falling over. There’s so much crime in the city, I can’t comprehend how people live there. It was repulsive. It smells bad. I think it’s a terrible place.” She’s continued this line of attack later on Twitter, claiming on the platform she saw so-called “marijuana zombies,” whatever that means. “100%,” she replied to a post claiming such “zombies” were present. “I saw them when I went there to protest against the weaponization of government against President Trump by a George Soros funded DA.”

In reality, New York City is not some chaotic warzone. Images from the scene the day Greene visited make clear it looked normal! On a very basic level, such photographs disprove Greene’s bonkers claims, including that the streets are “covered” with people who are “dying.” Guess what? No they’re not! Should you have missed that part of the story previously, all of this was around Trump’s arraignment in his criminal case in New York City.

Below, find a gallery of 10 photos for a look at what the reality of the day actually was:

Enclosed photos (not including the featured image) by Kayli Coburn. Images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.