Democratic Campaign To Unseat Ted Cruz In 2024 Unveiled In Texas


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will be up for re-election next year, and Rep. Colin Allred (D-Texas) has announced a campaign to unseat him.

Although Allred would technically need to win a primary race before formally challenging Cruz in next year’s general election, the Democratic contender focused on Cruz in a video released this week announcing his bid for Cruz’s seat.

“The struggles of regular Texans just don’t interest him,” Allred said. “Well, they matter to me. Because those struggles are the story of my life.” Allred then discussed some of his personal background, including growing up with his mother and the importance of his family. Allred also referenced some of the bipartisan cooperation in which he has been engaged, including around support for veterans and federal support for domestic tech industries. The latter area of work involved a bill boosting the U.S. production of technological components known as semiconductor chips, which are used, sometimes in large numbers, in many items.

“We deserve a Senator whose team is Texas,” Allred continued. “But Ted Cruz only cares about himself. You know that.” Some of the policy areas where Cruz has most prominently distinguished himself — to the detriment of those whose lives could depend on the action he resists — include gun safety. Cruz has broadly and aggressively decried the effectiveness of proposals to restrict guns, although the shooter who attacked an elementary school in Uvalde in Cruz’s own state used a legally obtained assault rifle. That means a difference in the rules around such firearms before the incident could’ve meant it never happened. Cruz has been among those even talking about doors in place of actual action on guns. He at one point suggested limiting schools to a single door to make for supposedly more efficient security — an insultingly unserious proposal. What about windows, Ted? Or fire safety?

Cruz also supported attempts to undercut the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, haughtily but deceptively acting before Congress met to certify its results like there were still open questions about whether widespread and relevantly election-altering problems were seen. In reality, copious investigations at state and federal levels were already conducted. Cruz won his current term by a margin of a little over two and a half percent against Beto O’Rourke. Watch Allred’s announcement video below: